Environmental Assessment Tools

Tools to assess the environmental impacts of healthcare

Climate Impact Checkup Tool

Climate Impact Checkup is a calculator that helps health care institutions anywhere in the world measure their GHG footprint. It provides a starting point to measure, manage, and support mitigation goals and action planning no matter where your facility is located. Available both online and in a downloadable spreadsheet, Checkup also facilitates integrating these actions with other environmental strategies such as sustainable procurement.
Climate Impact Checkup estimates GHG emissions from health care institutions by allowing you to input facility-level data primarily from energy consumption, transport, waste management, and gases relevant to the sector, and then calculating your footprint based on national or local emissions factors. It enables health systems and facilities to benchmark their footprint against similar facilities in their country, region, and globally. Checkup also gives you access to a peer network, where members can share experiences and advice through discussion forums and a global community of practice.


  • See graphics, create benchmarking reports, and print results.
  • Compare metrics with other institutions in the same region, or worldwide.
  • Available as a downloadable spreadsheet for offline calculation

Climate Impact Checkup is exclusively for members of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, and in India members of HELP.

Climate Impact Checkup Tool

Waste Trackers

Health Care Without Harm and HECAF360, developed six tracking tools for health care facilities to understand and control their waste management.
Each tracker is specially designed for a different stage of the waste management process, and they may be filled in by different people playing different roles in a hospital or health system. Optimized for daily data entry, the tracker produces clear summary tables and graphs that a waste manager, waste management committee, or facility director can quickly view to assess their performance and make informed decisions to improve.

Plastics Assessment Toolkit

This toolkitk was developed to help health facilities and the health care sector confront the plastic pollution, change the narrative, introduce solutions and alternatives and work together for a healthier, more sustainable planet for the next generation. As a toolkit, it contains the following major elements: Information on life cycle hazards of different polymers, long term vision and short-term recommendations for action, how-to guide on the conduct of simplified plastics audit, guidance on how to reduce plastics within healthcare, outline of advocacy options within and beyond the healthcare sector, and compilation of available case studies on plastics from GGHH Network members both in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Sustainable Procurement Index for Health

SPIH is a structured set of questions and criteria, organised around a set of key sustainability themes which can be used to identify the sustainability credentials of a supplier and its products. It consists of a set of modules, each containing a range of questions which are worth a number of points. Depending on the number of points scored in each module, an overall score for the supplier can be determined. The SPIH can be used in many different ways, but it has primarily been designed to support the decision-making process as part of a procurement event (i.e. as part of the criteria for selecting a supplier).
The SPIH has been designed to accelerate sustainable procurement in the health sector, by:

  • Supporting the decision making of buyers, and providing certainty to suppliers during the procurement process;
  • Providing a consistent, robust and transparent method, that clearly communicates expectations for supply chain performance;
  • Being proportionate and relevant, respecting the materiality and capability in the supply chain; and
  • Not just focusing on risk but providing clear pathways for stakeholders to improve their performance.


Sustainable Procurement Checklist

The Sustainable Procurement Checklist is a new tool designed to help the health care sector implement successful sustainable procurement programs. With this online tool, organizations can:

  • Assess their progress in developing a sustainable procurement program
  • Track their progress
  • Compare against best practices in sustainable procurement
  • Identify priority areas to focus on.

Sustainable Procurement Checklist allows health care organizations to obtain a snapshot assessment of their current procurement program and start building on best practices to reduce their environmental impact. It is directly connected and designed to be used with the Sustainable Procurement Guide, our comprehensive guide for health care organizations to build a best-in-class sustainable procurement program.

Now, health care institutions can assess their progress on sustainable procurement, and based on the results, implement the Sustainable Procurement Guide’s plan – do – check – act cycle to adopt best practices and achieve progress.

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