Health Care Climate Challenge (HCCC)

Mobilising the Health Sector to take Climate Action

The Health Care Climate Challenge is an initiative of Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) that aims to mobilize health care institutions around the world to take climate action. It was launched in 2015 at the Paris Climate Conference. Climate change is the biggest health threat of the 21st century and is caused mainly by the use of fossil fuels for our energy and fuel needs. It will exacerbate many existing health issues and will increase disease burden as well. India will face many health-related challenges due to the impact of climate change, and our vulnerable and marginalised populations will be most impacted. To protect our populations from the impacts of climate change, it is crucial that our society moves towards using clean, renewable energy and fuels.
The health sector can contribute to this by decarbonising its energy consumption, operation, and supply chain; and the Health Care Climate Challenge (HCCC) mobilizes the health sector to do the same. Health institutions that join the HCCC pledge to take climate action under the following three pillars:


Reducing health care’s own carbon footprint and/or fostering low carbon health care


Preparing for the impacts of extreme weather and the shifting burden of disease


Educating staff and the public while promoting policies to protect public health from climate change

Joining HCCC

Any hospital, health system, or health organization can join the HCCC. By doing so, they are granted automatic membership in the HELP network in India, and by extension the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network. In India, 5 H.E.L.P members have joined the HCCC.

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Health Institutions Globally

Hospitals Globally


Health Institutions in India

HCCC Milestones

Globally, more than 300 health institutions representing over 28,000 hospitals from 40 countries have joined the HCCC.

HELP is working with the Indian health sector to mobilize health care climate action through HCCC.

At present we have 5 health institutions in India that have joined the challenge.